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My Brother Will now out

My adult novel, My Brother Will, told in the voice of William Shakespeare’s younger brother Gilbert, and recounting the story of a pivotal year in the life of the Shakespeare family, when Will was 16 and Gilbert two years younger, is now out as a Kindle-only edition with innovative British e-publisher AchukaBooks. So exciting to see it out at last!

Update on The Great Deep, the first Sixteen Press commercial edition: the file’s looking great, and all ready to go. I have the ISBN for it sorted out, that came through quickly. But there’s all sorts of bits of frustrating admin to get through, principally the getting of a US ITIN number, which could be a while, the IRS not being known for its swiftness! And I’m also teaching myself the different requirements to sell the book through not only Amazon but Google eBooks and more. Interesting how with e-publishing, the fun part is done quickly enough–the rest is a long and frustrating wait. But hopefully it’ll all be sorted within the next few weeks. Meanwhile I’ll be uploading another new free publication soon.


What is Sixteen Press?

Sixteen Press is both a bit of fun and a serious experiment started by author Sophie Masson to try out this brave new world of indie e-publishing. I’m a well-known author and I’m very happy being published traditionally and will continue to be I hope for as long as possible. But like most authors I’ve got good material languishing in physical and electronic folders that doesn’t fit into my present publishing categories but that really deserves a new lease of life; and besides, I love to try out new things. I’ve been thinking of this particular venture for quite a while. But it was after attending an excellent and inspiring ASA workshop on creating your own e-books, that Sixteen Press, my own e-publishing platform, was born.

With it I intend to make available, for free, but with creative commons licenses of non-commercial use with attribution, a limited number of my previously-published short pieces and possibly some experimental work too(mostly in epub format only). The first of these, which you can already read on the web directly through its Pressbooks site(see free publications page)is The Language of Astonishment, a major autobiographical essay of mine first published in print form in 2011 in the specialist academic journal of French-Australian connections, Explorations, and which with their permission I’m making available here for wider circulation.

Later, I’ll  also be  offering for sale, through e-tailers, a few unique e-books,  in e-pub and Kindle format. The first of these will be a collection of my adult speculative fiction short stories, previously published in anthologies and magazines but never before collected, and illustrated with black and white photos. The latter will be titled The Great Deep and other tales of the uncanny. Watch this space for more info!

On this blog, I’ll be keeping a progress report on how it all goes.  Early days yet, and I’m still learning as I go and will for some considerable time to come. But though I’m bound to make umpteen mistakes, I can’t help feeling excited by the challenge!

As well as looking at how I go with these titles, I’m also going to be keeping watch over how my other e-books are going, that is, the e-books published by my regular publishers, especially Random House Australia, who have very successfully re-published several of my print titles as Kindle editions, available at Amazon, and other format e-editions, available at Booktopia.  Harper Collins Australia have also published one of my titles with them, The Case of the Diamond Shadow, as an e-book in various formats, including Kindle. And then there’s the wonderful new British-based Kindle-only publisher Achuka Books, who will soon be releasing my adult novel, My Brother Will.