My contribution to the ‘great e-book debate’

My friend and fellow writer Isobelle Carmody, who is a well-known author of wonderful and very popular award-winning fantasy novels for young adults and children, published both in Australia and very widely internationally,  has also launched herself into the adventure of e-publishing, with the self-published e-edition of her early novel, Greylands, which is being launched this month. To celebrate, she and her team created a wonderful micro-site which will not only launch the Greylands e-edition online, with a trailer, competitions, and more, but also features a month-long ‘Great E-Book Debate’ on all sorts of facets of the extraordinary new world of e-publishing. There’s a guest post every day, and today it’s my turn.

This post is about an unexpected effect of the e-publishing adventure, and I hope you enjoy it. As the Greylands site is only up for a month, I’ll be also publishing it later  here on this site.



About sixteenpress

Sixteen Press is the e-publishing platform of author Sophie Masson, an experiment in exploring the brave new world of indie e-publishing. On this site you can find unique free downloads of her short pieces formatted for epub or PDF and links to e-tailers stocking her commercially-available e-books, whether as Sixteen Press or with her regular publishers..

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