Monthly Archives: March 2013

Great news at PressBooks, where I created my e-books

Some exciting news from Hugh McGuire and the folks at PressBooks, the wonderful book publishing platform where I created my own Sixteen Press books.

Just want to beat the drum for them here too–since I was introduced to PressBooks at the ASA e-book making workshop back in July 2012, I’ve been happily using it to create my Sixteen Press books. It’s free (in its basic version, which is what I’ve used so far), easy to use, elegant and now has lots of extra features. Plus the support is fabulous–all my questions on the user forum were answered directly by Hugh, explanations clear and helpful, and problems sorted asap. And because PressBooks not linked to an e-tailer , it gives you more independence and freedom to market the books wherever you want.

Truly fabulous, and highly recommended.