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An experimental site for an experimental venture: Sophie Masson’s e-publishing platform. You can contact her about it at sixteenpress@gmail.com

Born in Indonesia of French parents, Sophie Masson came to Australia at the age of 5. Educated in Sydney, she also spent some of her childhood in France.

The author of more than fifty novels for young people, Sophie Masson is published in many countries. In 2011 her historical novel, The Hunt for Ned Kelly, won the Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children’s Literature in the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. Her novels range in genre from fantasy to mystery, historical to graphic novels. She has also written several novels for adults and a book of essays for adults. Under the pen-name of Isabelle Merlin, she published four romantic thrillers for teenagers. Her short stories and essays have also been extensively published, in print journals in Australia, the UK, USA, and online in many different publications and outlets. Her Kindle-only novel, My Brother Will, was published by AchukaBooks in 2012.

Her own digital projects include Sixteen Press, as well as an interactive multi-arts graphic novel, The Secret Army: Order of the Vampire, a sequel to her print graphic novel, The Secret Army: Operation Loki(ABC Books 2006)which she is working on with two illustrators, a musician and a digital comics publisher/software development team. She is concept creator and writer for the project. For many years, Sophie has used the internet and digital media as part of her creative work. Her Isabelle Merlin novels, for instance, all feature an interactive internet element, which she created herself—the blog of a main character, a website on dreams, a band page and You Tube channel, clips made by another main character, and even social media pages on Facebook and Bebo for characters in her books. Her pioneering work in hybridising print and e-elements was highlighted in a Literature Board report on writers using new media forms. Sophie also makes simple book trailers for her You Tube channel, blogs regularly at several different outlets, and is a regular user of social media networks. She is excited to be taking the next step in the creation of her own e-books.




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