Working on a new title!

ByTheBookCoverBigI’m working at putting together a new Sixteen Press title together at the moment. Called By the Book: Tips of the Trade for Writers, it’ll be a practical, entertaining book of advice and suggestions for writers both new and not so new, based on my many years of experience as an author. It’ll gather together in one convenient volume many short pieces I’ve written over several years and which have previously appeared individually in print as well as online. I’m planning to sell it through the new Australian Society of Authors portal, Authors Unlimited(to launch soon) plus Amazon, Kobo and all the other suspects! More details on its release soon.


Super special on My Brother Will


For a limited only, My Brother Will, my novel published with Achuka Books(available only as Kindle) is only 99 cents! Readers in the UK can purchase from Amazon Uk at:

Readers in the USA, Australia and other countries purchase at,

Shakespeare’s Last Play

Today I’ve put up a free publication here at the Sixteen Press site: it’s called Shakespeare’s Last Play and it’s a bit of an experiment, a novella in dramatic form, part narrative, part dialogue, set in the final year of Shakespeare’s life.

In retirement in Stratford, William Shakespeare is trying to keep a precarious peace in his household and his own heart. But when his friends Ben Jonson, Michael Drayton and John Hemmings come for a visit, the past is revived and old ghosts arise. And just what is his spivvy son in law Thomas Quiney up to?

A mix of drama and comedy, this novella in dramatic form imagines what it might have been like to be the writer in retirement, away from the bright lights of the London stage.

You can read it here


Now comes the time of waiting: keeping a watch on Amazon and Kobo and Lulu reports and seeing how the book’s travelling. I’ll give it a couple of months to see whether I need to do more to publicise it either than through Facebook and Goodreads and Twitter and my various blogs. Will have a piece in Writer Unboxed about it soon as well.

Problems sorted

Finally got the info from Lulu I needed so after much to-ing and fro-ing I now have the Great Deep file uploaded there and ready to be sent to the IBookstore and Barnes and Noble stores. At least, they are pending release there, under review.

For anyone else in Australia who has the same problems as I did being able to fully finish the publication  process on Lulu because of price verification problems, the solution, as explained by Lulu support, is this–the price won’t verify if you are on the Lulu Australia store page(which is what it defaults to if you simply put in the Lulu URL. Scroll down to the bottom of that intro page and change the store location to United Kingdom(which is what I was told). Hey presto, problem solved.

Also what I didn’t know was I needed a different ISBN to the one I’d used with Kindle and Kobo. Here’s what Lulu said: ‘According to ISBN regulations, each version of a book must have a unique ISBN. For instance, a hardcover, a softcover, a 2nd edition, an ePub eBook, and a .Mobi eBook would each require a unique ISBN. A unique ISBN distinguishes between different versions of a book, helping customers to be sure that they are ordering the book and version they want.

You are of course more than welcome to bring your own ISBN or add a free Lulu ISBN.’

I brought my own, as I prefer to control the publication and distribution, and as I’d bought a set of 10 ISBNS from Thorpe Bowker  I simply assigned a new one.

The book’s available direct from the Lulu store now and hopefully soon from IBookstore and B and N.

Update on other platforms

I’ve decided for the moment not to go for the IBookstore; impossible to go into it independently and then I ran into quite a few problems on the lulu site with prices unable to be verified for some bizarre reason. I could go the BookBaby route and get it into the Ibookstore and Barnes and Noble etc that way but that costs $99 to set up and $19 per title per year and until I can see some results on sales in Kindle and Kobo, I don’t think it’s worth it right now. Anyway, there are of course free apps for both Kindle and Kobo books for IPad and phones etc so no problem people getting hold of a copy if they do want to read on their Ipad.

New info on Author Central

I’ve updated my page on Amazon’s Author Central, to include a feed to this blog and also the trailer on my You Tube channel.

Up on Kobo now too!

And here it is on Kobo

Very exciting!

Tried to publish to Apple yesterday but was halted by the fact I don’t have an ITIN or other US tax number without which you cannot sell directly into the Ibookstore. Curses! So am going to use Lulu to get into both the IBookstore and Barnes and Noble. Not an easy format at Lulu, though, had to change first the size of the over–the pixel size that is–which had presented no problem on either Kindle or Kobo. And then when that was sorted, another problem arises with price verification and the Help section no use at all to resolve it. Have contacted them directly now, will see what happens.

Yooo-hoo! The Great Deep now in Kindle store!

Well, Amazon were very fast, and the page for The Great Deep is already up in the Kindle store, and you can buy it now. Looks very good.

It will also be available in the Kobo store very soon. Next stop Apple.

I’ve also made a trailer for it  and uploaded it to my You Tube channel.

At last..

Big day! I’ve just this very moment finally uploaded the first Sixteen Press e-book, The Great Deep and Tales of the Uncanny , to both Kindle and Kobo. In a couple of days the book will be officially available on both Amazon and Kobo. And then we’ll see what happens!After humming and haa-ing for ages, and reading through any amount of people’s experiences, I’ve chosen the 70 percent royalty option on Kindle–the size of my book is not large and delivery costs are minimal. Of course that 70 percent royalty only applies in certain territories, including  the US and UK and Europe, but not including my primary market of Australia. Kobo’s different and was also very simple to use, simpler even than Kindle in some ways. Not sure yet about going through the Apple store, of course it would be great, but it does look somewhat complicated.

I could have gone initially through an aggregator like Smashwords but as my file was already in EPub format through pressbooks, it wasn’t the best option. I may go through that route another time, just to check which is best.

Have sent a letter to the IRS re being knocked back for an ITIN but I’m not holding my breath they’ll respond positively! So for the moment am just going,  as far as Amazon is concerned, through paying the US withholding tax and then seeing if I can get back at least some of it through the Australian tax system. Another irritating thing with Amazon is that they’ll be paying in cheques/checks in American dollars, because I don’t have a US or UK bank account. But Kobo’s great because you don’t need an ITIN and they pay in Australian dollars into your local nominated bank account. Much more flexible for us non-US and non-UK-based self-publishers!

I changed a few things about the file over the last few months, took out some of the photos so that theey wouldn’t be too distracting, played around with formatting etc, ran the complete file through the E-Pub validator online(an excellent free service for self-publishers by the way, and absolutely invaluable. More housekeeping to do now–register my book’s ISBN in Books in Print, books in publication, etc etc, but very soon I’ll be able to announce the actual arrival of the e-book in the e-tailers, which is great. It’s been a bit of a long haul, longer than I anticipated when I first started, but it’s all a learning experience, isn’t it!